* Scope of API Usage *

What is the difference between KEGG API Subscription and KEGG Business License?

The main difference lies in how the end user license is handled. Authorized (licensed) business providers may ship products or services to their customers who have a valid KEGG end user license. They may also resell licenses for end use as part of their offering. Conversely, commercial end users may only use the products or services provided by authorized business providers. KEGG API Subscription does not grant any license or authorization to the subscribers' customers. Their customers must follow the fair use limitation of copyrighted materials.

We want to download KEGG Data and use graphical KEGG pathway maps on our website for business purposes. Is this allowed with KEGG API Subscription?

The answer is yes, if your customers are not involved in any profit-making activities that might otherwise require a KEGG license.

I want to sell products which incorporate KEGG API calls. Is it possible with KEGG API Subscription?

No. Please obtain a regular business license from the Pathway Solutions Licensing Department.

If I incorporate API calls in my products, does the access from my end users be allowed? Or would they need a separate license?

Your end users would need a separate license. You may obtain a regular business license that covers the right to resell end user licenses. Please contact Licensing Department.

I want to use KEGG API as an end user. Is it possible?

KEGG API is available only for business providers with KEGG API Subscription or KEGG Business License. Please consider using FTP and obtain a regular KEGG End User License from Licensing Department.

Can I remain to have "KEGG Authorized Business Provider" status if I switch from Business License to API Subscription.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Please keep the business licence to continue to sell your products/services to your current customers.

* API account *

My subscription type is limited access. If the access limit is exceeded can I switch to unlimited?

No, you cannot. Please obtain an unlimited type subscription if that is a possibility.

I have reached the access limit. I have KEGG Data stored locally. Can I still use the Data?

Yes, you can still use locally stored KEGG Data until your KEGG API Subscription expires.

Does KEGG API Subscription apply only to me, or to my entire company?

A KEGG API Subscription grants access to kegg.net on a per-organization basis.

Can I have a trial account for accessing KEGG API?

No, we do not set up an account without a signed agreement. You may, however, use the academic API service at kegg.jp for a limited trial. Please let the Subscription Department (subscription[at]pathway.jp) know if you intend to use the academic service.

* Available data types *

What kind of data is not accessible with KEGG API Subscription?

You cannot download large files such as non-redundant genes sequence files and genome sequence files.

Last updated: December 1, 2017